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‌Fighting portable mosquitoes (pests)

‌① Frequency harmless to human body and companion animals
② It is a method to prevent mosquitoes by using the 100kHz salt frequency.
③ Noise filter is a mosquito repellent from noise.

DA WON Co.,Ltd

‌Small and powerful product!
Mosquitoes kill 3,000 people worldwide every day!
It was created to prevent this!
15Khz ~ 100Khz frequency generation!

Sunny Plus 
‌Air Purifier & Pest Control

‌① Air cleaning system that can remove harmful substances such as cigarette smoke and odor in the air
② Quality control of organic substances such as sulfurous acid gas (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) by neutralization reaction
③ Mosquito repellent, noiseless 100kHz frequency능